the author

intellectual property management services

We aim to serve

the entire spectrum of content creators in the arts and culture sector namely:




Audio-visual artists

Computer programmers/video gamers


Fashion/fabric designers

Sound recording artists,

Visual artists

Performing artists

Broadcasters and craftsmen


About us

THE AUTHOR is an intellectual property (IP) management services company for the arts and culture sector established in 2016. It develops innovative and bespoke solutions on how content creators and owners can better manage and commercialise their intellectual property. This is largely through developing licensing agreements as well as conducting IP research needed in order to develop or review business models.

THE AUTHOR is a data analytics company for the arts and culture sector, committed to conducting ongoing empirical research on this sector and constantly building up its knowledge base on how content creators and owners are managing and commercialising their intellectual property.

THE AUTHOR, through its services, aims to create a copyright infrastructure for the arts and culture sector that understands and respects the creativity process from which intellectual property rights are made.Its mission is to enhance a balanced and strong intellectual property system that understands concerns between content creators and end users.

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